Clarification regarding applicability of GST on various goods and services

Clarification regarding applicability of GST on various goods and services

Circular No.52/26/2018-GST dated 09.08.2018 issued. Clarifies GST Rate on the following goods

  • Applicability of GST on Fortified Toned Milk

Toned milk fortified (with vitamins ‘A’ and ‘D’) attracts NIL rate of GST under HSN Code 0401

  • Applicable GST rate on refined beet and cane sugar

It is clarified that beet and cane sugar, including refined beet and cane sugar, will fall under heading 1701 and attract 5% GST rate.

  • Applicable GST rate on treated (modified) tamarind kernel powder and plain (unmodified) tamarind kernel powder

As both plain (unmodified) tamarind kernel powder and treated (modified) tamarind kernel powder fall under chapter 13, it is hereby clarified that both attract 5% GST in terms of the said notification.

  • Applicability of GST on supply of safe drinking water for public purpose:

Accordingly, supply of water, other than those excluded from S. No. 99 of notification No. 2/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28.06.2017, would attract GST at “NIL” rate. Therefore, it is clarified that supply of drinking water for public purposes, if it is not supplied in a sealed container, is exempt from GST.

  • GST rate on Human Blood Plasma.

Normal human plasma is specifically mentioned at S. No. 186 of List I under S. No.180 of Schedule I of the notification No. 1/2017-Central Tax (Rate) dated 28th June, 2017, and attracts 5% GST. Other items falling under HS Code 3002 (including plasma products) would attract 12% GST under S. No. 61 of Schedule II of the said notification, not specifically covered in the said List I.

Thus, a harmonious reading of the two entries would mean that normal human plasma would attract 5% GST rate under List I (S. No. 186), whereas plasma products would attract 12% GST rate, if otherwise not specifically covered under the said List.

  • Appropriate classification of baby wipes, facial tissues and other similar products.

Wipes of various kinds are classifiable under heading 3307 or 3401 depending upon their constituents. Therefore, if the baby wipes are impregnated with perfumes or cosmetics, then the same would fall under HS code 3307 and would attract 18% GST rate. Similarly, if they are coated with soap or detergent, then it would fall under HS code 3401 and would attract 18% GST.

  • Classification and applicable GST rate on real zari Kasab (thread)

It is clarified that imitation zari thread or yarn known as “Kasab” or by any other name in trade parlance, would attract a uniform GST rate of 12% under tariff heading 5605.

  • Applicability of GST on marine engine.

It is clarified that the supplies of marine engine for fishing vessel (being a part of the fishing vessel), falling under tariff item 8408 10 93 attracts 5% GST.

  • Applicable GST rate on cotton quilts under tariff heading 9404- Scope of the term “Cotton Quilt”

Cotton quilts falling under tariff heading 9404 attract a GST rate of 5% if the sale value of such cotton quilts does not exceed Rs. 1000 per piece. However, such cotton quilts, with sale value exceeding Rs.1000 per piece attract a GST rate of 12%

The essential character of the cotton quilt is imparted by the filling material. Therefore, a quilt filled with cotton constitutes a cotton quilt, irrespective of the material of the cover of the quilt. The GST rate would accordingly apply.

  • Applicable GST rate for bus body building activity:

Thus, fabrication of buses may involve the following two situations:

a) Bus body builder builds a bus, working on the chassis owned by him and supplies the built-up bus to the customer, and charges the customer for the value of the bus.

b) Bus body builder builds body on chassis provided by the principal for body building, and charges fabrication charges (including certain material that was consumed during the process of job-work).

It is clarified that in case as mentioned at Para (a) above, the supply made is that of bus, and accordingly supply would attract GST @28%. In the case as mentioned at Para (b) above, fabrication of body on chassis provided by the principal (not on account of body builder), the supply would merit classification as service, and 18% GST as applicable will be charged accordingly.

  • Applicable GST rate on Disc Brake Pad

It is clear, in view of the HSN Explanatory Notes that the said goods, namely “Disc Brake pad” for automobiles, are appropriately classifiable under heading 8708 of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975 and would attract 28% GST.

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