Export Policy of Edible oils

Export Policy of Edible oils- Removal of prohibition on export of all varieties of Edible Oils, expect Mustered Oil, till further orders.

Central government hereby makes amendments to the SI. No. 92, Chapter 15 of schedule 2 of ITC (HS) Classification of export and import items 2018 on export policy of edible oils via notification dated 06.04.2018.

SI. No.

Tariff Items HS code


Item Description

Amended policy


All ITC(HS) Codes pertaining to the edible oils under chapter 15 of schedule 1 (Import policy) of ITC (HS) Classification of Exports & import Items 2017


All varieties of edible oils, expect mustered oil


Export of mustered oil in branded consumer packs of upto 5 Kgs will continue to be permitted with a minimum Export price (MEP) of USD 900 per MT.

Effect of this Notification:

All varieties of edible oils, except mustered oil, have been made ‘Free’ for export without any quantitative ceiling, pack size etc. till further orders.