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Dear Sir/Madam, 

Please help in solving following queries :

1) Karat of HUF is having rented premises. Agreement is on his personal name which is more than 30 years. Now he wants to apply for GST Registration of HUF for which he wants his rented premises as registered place of business.

Can Rent agreement in personal name of karta can be given as proof for registration of HUF.

2) What is SAC for the service of: GTA and passenger transport as unable to find on GST portal. 

Expecting quick response from your side.


Dear Sir,

1)    Since all the statutory obligation related to  HUF is done by Karta (Manager) on behalf of HUF, in my opinion rent agreement in the personal name  of  Karta can be given as proof for registered office of HUF.

2)   SAC for service of goods transportation is 996511 ( Road transport services of Goods including letters, parcels, live animals, household & office  furniture, containers etc by refrigerator vehicles, trucks, trailers, man or animal drawn vehicles or any other vehicles.)

 SAC for service of passenger transportation is 996411 ( Local land transport services of passengers by railways, metro, monorail, bus, tramway, autos, three wheeler, scooters and other motor vehicles.)