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I had downloaded GSTR 2A. Various invoices are missing there as supplier has not filed GSTR1 or he has not shown my clients invoices.

What can I do in this case sir? Can I add invoices myself?


In GSTR 2A return, a taxpayer can find details of invoices uploaded by the supplier pertaining to a B2B transaction.  GSTR 2A is only a return through which the Government provides information uploaded on the GSTN by the suppliers. you cannot make any changes to the GSTR 2A as it is a read-only document.

Taxpayer cannot modify the data of GSTR-2A and filing of GSTR-2 is also not available on GST portal as of now.

Therefore details of purchases in GSTR-2A will not be reflected unless supplier filed such details in his GSTR-1.