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How to change principal place of business within state in GST?


You can follow the below mentioned steps—

(1) Login to the GST portal
(2) Select services> Registration> Amendment in core fields.
(3) The application for change is displayed and Core fields are available in editable form for making changes.
(4) Click on Business Details Tab.  
(5) Click on Edit button at the end of the page.
(6) Make necessary changes as required.
(7) Enter the Reasons for making the changes.  
(8) Enter the Date of Amendment and click on save.
(9)  Once all the changes are done, Click on Continue.  
(10) Now, in the Verification Tab, select the checkbox for Verification.
(11) Select the Authorized Signatory from the Drop Down. Enter Place and Digitally sign the Application using DSC or EVC as applicable to you.