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1. As GST TDS accept is there any last date for accept TDS credit which are uploaded by government department.

2. what if I accept after few month what are the penalty for late accept of TDS credit

3. Please provide any link to understand whole TDS matter.


Information regarding GST TDS Return, Dates & GST TDS Credit is as follows:

  1. Liability of deductor to make payment of deducted tax to the Government within 10 days after the end of the month in which deduction was made.
  2. Deductor shall submit return in Form GSTR-7 within 10 days after the end of the month in which deduction was made.
  3. The deductor will furnish system generated TDS certificate in Form GSTR-7A to the deductee within 5 days of crediting payment of TDS to the Government i.e. furnishing FORM GSTR-7.
  4. If the deductor fails to furnish Form GSTR-7 within due date— Late fee payable (Section 47(1)): Rs. 100/- + Rs. 100/- per day (Maximum Rs. 5000/-) under CGST Act & SGST /UTGST Act separately
  5. If the deductor fails to furnish Form GSTR-7A within due date— Late fee payable [Section 51(4)]: Rs.100/- + Rs.100/- per day (Maximum Rs.5000/-) under CGST Act & SGST/UTGST Act separately.

After filing of return by deductors (DDOs) in FORM GSTR-7, the amount so deducted will be auto-populated in ‘TDS/TCS credit receipt’ table of respective suppliers. The supplier (deductee) has to accept or reject the amount so auto-populated in the table after logging on the portal. The accepted amount will be credited to Electronic cash ledger while rejected amount will be auto-populated in Amendment table of next month’s FORM GSTR-7 of the deductor.

From the above provision it is clear that, for deductee there is no time limit for accepting such amount or penal provision  for not accepting the amount so auto populated. Only deductor will face penal provision if he fails to furnish GSTR-7 and GSTR-7A within due date.

Note—Due date for filing GSTR-7 by deductor for the months of October, November, December, has beenextendedupto31.01.2019.Link for TDS Article—