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As we know the changes and error filed in GSTR-1 for the period July to March 18 have to be corrected in Sept Gstr1 which has to be filled within 4 days.

In this regard I have to know that if I put suppose Rs. 500/- in B2C in that period and now have to corrected and make to report in B2B than how I can show that Changes.

Also, tell me that if my September B2C is Rs. 300 only.


In this case, taxpayer should add the B2B invoice with original date in current GSTR-1. And reduce Rs. 500/- from amount of B2C invoices reflecting in table 10 "Amended B2C (other)" of GSTR.

Further amount of B2C invoices of September 2018 has no relevance for the above correction.