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Issue raised by the assessee is that the learned CIT (A) erred in not allowing the exemption under section 54F of the Act for the two residential units purchased during the year.

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Sec. 54F of Income Tax Act, 1961— Exemption — Whether a residential house should be read as one residential house prior to amendment has been put to rest by changing the language in the provisions of the Act but the same is effective from the assessment year 2015-16, thus in such a situation it can be safely concluded that the assessee prior to such amendment was eligible for exemption under section 54F even he makes the investment in more than one residential properties and there is no ambiguity that the case pertains to the assessment year 2014-15 prior to the amendment brought under the provisions of section 54F, accordingly, it was directed to the AO to allow the assessee the benefit of exemption under section 54F for the investment made in both the properties. - SHRI DHANRAJ BAXIRAM CHOPRA V/s ITO - [2020] 27 ITCD Online 062 (ITAT-AHMEDABAD)