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When the firm is disclosing capital introduction by the partner providing names and PAN nos of contributing partners, then no addition can be made in the hands of the firm.

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Sec. 68 of Income Tax Act, 1961—Cash Credit—The extraordinary steps taken suo motu by Hon’ble jurisdictional High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court also indicate that the period of lockdown cannot be treated as an ordinary period during which the normal time limits are to remain in force. The period during which lockout was in force is to excluded for the purpose of time limits set out in rule 34(5) of the Appellate Tribunal Rules, 1963. Thus, the period during which the lockdown was in force shall stand excluded for the purpose of working out the time limit for pronouncement of orders, as envisaged in Rule 34(5) of the Appellate Tribunal Rules, 1963.—R.N. SAHOO vs. DEPUTY CIT.[2020] 26 ITCD Online 001 (ITAT-CUTTACK)