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HC granted bail taking note of the prevailing Covid-19 infection

Bail Application — This is an application made by the applicant under Section 439 Cr.P.C. for grant of bail during trial. The allegation against the applicant is that he had received a sum of about Rs.6,52,00,000/- from the applicant for supply of pesticides and insecticides and as against this he had made the supply worth Rs.4,30,00,000/- only and has not made the supply against the payment of Rs.2,22,50,000/-. Having considered the submission made by counsel for the parties and also taking note of the prevailing Covid-19 infection and considering the fact that the applicant is in custody since 28.11.2019 and in the present scenario conclusion of trial is likely to take time and also taking note of the submission of counsel for the applicant in respect of the condition relating to deposit of the amount, it is directed that the applicant-Lalit Kumar Gandhi will be released on bail subject to conditions. — Lalit Kumar Gandhi Vs. State of M.P. [2020] 23 TAXLOK.COM 005 (MP)