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HSN code of grinding of plastic depends upon the type of polymers in primary forms of the heading 3901 to 3914 and GST rate would be 18%

Classification of goods— The only issue before us is to decide the HSN code of grinding of scrap and GST rate of the said goods. The applicant purchase the plastic scrap of different colors and thereafter said scrap is sorted color-wise. The applicant undertakes the further process on said plastic scrap and new product plastic grinding in small pieces emerges. It is evident that adopting certain process on plastic scrap, plastic scrap loses its identity and new product i.e. plastic grinding comes into existence. The new product plastic grinding in small pieces does not fall under the category of plastic scrap; as such it is the primary form of plastic. it can be stated that the HSN code of goods viz plastic of grind would depend upon the type of primary form of polymers of said goods. Accordingly, GST rate of the goods viz. grind of plastic would be determined according to the classification of the product. Held that— In view of the above we rule that goods viz. grind of plastic in small pieces merit classifiable under HSN code of 3901 to 3914 depends upon the primary form of polymer of the goods and GST rate for the heading No. 3901 to 3914 is 18% as per the entry No. 100 and 101 of Notification No. 01/2017-CT (Rate) dated 28.06.2017 and corresponding SGST Notification.
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