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Parts/spares/equipments which are used on a ship are will liable to GST @ 5%

Shanti Prime Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Classification of Supply — GST/IGST Act, 2017 - The Applicant is inter alia engaged in the business of sale and distribution of Marine Distress Signals, EPIRB and SART, SSAS, Marine Chemicals, Navigation and Communication (NAVCOM) Equipment and also providing Life Saving services: such as Life raft, Lifeboat and Fire-fighting services, including Pyrotechnic Disposal, Electronic Services and Training Services related to the Marine Industry. The Applicant requests the Authority to decide as to whether the supply of goods [as listed in Annexure I-A of this ARA application] is classifiable as "Parts of goods of headings 8901, 8902, 8904, 8905, 8906, 897" under entry 252 of Schedule 1 of GST Notification No. 1/2017-Central tax (rate) dated 28th June, 2017 as amended and liable to GST @ 5% (CGST-2.5% and SGST-2.5%) or IGST @ 5% or not. The Authority decided that only those goods that are used in equipments mentioned at Sr. Nos A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I, K, M and S of the table will liable to GST @ 5% (CGST-2.5% and SGST-2.5%) or IGST @ 5%.—As Moloobhoy Private Limited [2018] 2 TAXLOK.COM 320 (AAR-Maharashtra)