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Application is dismissed as withdrawn

Validity of attachment order — This application is filed by the petitioner seeking stay of operation of the impugned order dated 9.3.2020. The application also seeks to set aside the order dated 9.3.2020 passed by the concerned functionary Pr.ADG which confirms the provisional attachment orders dated 2.12.2019 and 3.12.2019. Held that— The concerned respondent banks will cooperate and ensure compliance of the request of the petitioner, if so made so, that a sum of Rs. 3,20,00,000/- is transferred for payment of the current GST liability of the petitioner, as per law. Respondent banks will co-operate in this regard. — RR India Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Union of India & Ors. [2020] 23 TAXLOK.COM 006 (Delhi)