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Updation of cash ledger balance.

GST portal issues — The petitioner received an e-mail communication from respondent, as per which the cash ledger of the petitioner got updated with credit entry of Rs.1,33,08,857/- on 20.11.2019 at 19:48:38 against the CPIN No. 19119900000033 and the balance was also updated on the same date and time. It also states that there was a debit of Rs.1,33,08,857/- at 22:48:04 on 20.11.2019 and the cash balance left was Rs.1,39,35,888/-. Petitioner states that as late as today morning also, the electronic cash ledger has not been updated and is still showing the cash balance as on 16.11.2019. The petitioner is directed to place on record the screenshots of the electronic cash ledger within three days. — Ncs Pearson, Inc. Vs. Secretary, Department of Revenue & Ors. [2019] 19 TAXLOK.COM 018 (Delhi)