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Whether the activity of printing in different issues amounts to supply of goods or services.

Classification of service — The applicant is a printing press under the Government of Karnataka, catering to the printing needs of various departments of Karnataka Government, Government of India, High Court of Karnataka and other autonomous bodies / corporations. The applicant seeks advance ruling in respect of the questions mention at para 6 supra. It could be seen that the applicant’s activities are predominantly concerned with printing. In this regard we draw attention to the Circular No.11/11/2017-GST dated 20.10.2017, wherein clarification on taxability of printing contracts has been issued.

The applicant raised the questions bearing numbers 3, 10, 12 & 28, which are related to different issues. In all these questions the applicant raises same type of question whether the activity in these different issues amounts to supply of goods or services.

Department of Printing, Stationery And Publications, In Re… [2020] 22 TAXLOK.COM 057 (AAR-Karnataka)