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By way of this writ petition, the petitioner has questioned legality of notice dated 10-13-8-2018 issued by the Assistant Commissioner, Audit Circle, Udaipur, whereby the petitioner is informed that Central Excise and Service Tax Audit of its unit for the period from 2013-14 to 2017-18 (upto June, 2017 ) or from the year upto which last audit undertaken (whichever is earlier), shall be taken up by the Audit Group deputed by the Commissioner in the month of August, 2018 and accordingly, the petitioner is requested to furnish the documents and information specified in the notice.

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Jurisdiction under GST — The petitioner stated that though as per provisions of Section 174(2)(e) of the CGST Act, irrespective of the administration control under GST regime, the audit functions for previous period would continue to be exercised by C.B.E. & C. over the taxpayers, who were earlier registered with the Central Excise and Service Tax but, as per Section 19 of the Constitution Act, 2016, such power does not survive after expiry of period of one year. The provision incorporated in the Constitution Act, 2016, in no manner, restrict the operation of the provisions of Section 174(2) incorporated in CGST Act beyond the period of one year, which provides that repeal of the Acts specified in sub-section (1) of Section 174 and the amendment of the Finance Act, 1994 to the extent mentioned in sub-section (1) or Section 173, as the case may be, shall not amongst others affect an investigation, enquiry or verification (including scrutiny and audit), assessment proceedings, adjudication or other legal proceeding or recovery of arrears etc., and all such proceedings may be instituted, continued or enforced as if the Act had not been so amended or repealed. Writ petition dismissed. — Suresh Kumar Singhal Vs. Union of India [2018] 06 TAXLOK.COM 084 (Rajasthan)