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Collection, segregation, storing, transport and disposal of municipal solid waste from the municipal area of the BMC is exempt from the payment of GST

Shanti Prime Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Classification of Supply — The Applicant’s supply to the Bally Municipal Corporation, as described in para 3.5, is exempt from the payment of GST under Sl No. 3 of Notification No. 12/2017 - Central Tax (Rate) dated 28/06/2017 (corresponding State Notification No. 1136 - FT dated 28/06/2017), as amended from time to time.

As the Applicant is making an exempt supply, the provisions of section 51 and, for that matter, Notification No. 50/2018 - Central Tax dated 13/09/2018 (corresponding State Notification No. 1344 - FT dated 13/09/2018) and State Government Order No. 6284 - F(Y) dated 28/09/2018, to the extent they mandate and deal with the mechanism of TDS, do not apply to his supply.

If the Applicant’s turnover consists entirely of exempt supplies, he is not liable to registration in terms of section 23(1)(a) of the GST Act.

This Ruling is valid subject to the provisions under Section 103 until and unless declared void under Section 104(1) of the GST Act. — Time Tech Waste Solutions Private Limited, In Re… [2019] 13 TAXLOK.COM 035 (AAR-WB)