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The Court directs the Respondents in the present case also to either open the portal so as to enable the Petitioner to file the TRAN-1 electronically or to accept a manually filed TRAN-1 form on or before 13th September, 2019.

Shanti Prime Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Input Tax Credit — The Petitioner is disabled from conducting its normal course of business and availing the Cenvat Credit/Input Tax Credit due to the prevalent glitch with the TRAN-1 form which is required to be filed online. Court had directed the respondents in similar circumstances to either re-open the portal to enable the Petitioners therein to again file the TRAN-1 form electronically or to accept a manually filed TRAN-1 form.  In the present case similar directions issued. — Vertiv Energy Private Limited Vs. Union of India & Ors. [2019] 15 TAXLOK.COM 006 (Delhi)