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The process having been initiated for permitting the petitioner to rectify the GST Form TRAN-01 and to file Form GST-TRANS-02 as recommended by the Nodal Officer

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Filing of Return — The petitioner sought for a direction to the respondents to reopen the GST common portal for rectifying Form GST TRAN-01 and thereafter file Form GST TRAN-02 in the common portal in order to avail the eligible credit in the electronic credit ledger of the petitioner.  During writ petition, the Nodal Officer taken a decision and recommendation was forwarded to the GST Network to permit the petitioner to rectify the GST Form TRAN-01 as prayed. Thus, no further direction as sought for, is necessary. — Manjunatha Designer Tiles Vs. The Nodal Officer/Principal Chief Commissioner – Division 7, Central Goods And Service Taxes Bengaluru And Others [2019] 13 TAXLOK.COM 050 (Karnataka)