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Needless to say that if the duty free shop, which caters to the outgoing or incoming international passengers, is subjected to local taxes by the State, the tax burden will increase and the price of the goods, which are supposed to be free of taxes and duties, will go up, and the same would prevent the duty free shops in India from competing with DFSs at international airports elsewhere in the world.

Levy of GST — When the legal position is very clear and the law is also in favour of appellant, it would not be in the interest of justice to relegate the appellant to the statutory authorities.  No tax on the sale or purchase of goods can be imposed by any State when the transaction of sale or purchase takes place in the course of import of the goods into or export of the goods out of the territory of India. Thus, if any transaction of sale or purchase takes place when the goods are being imported in India or they are being exported from India, no State can impose any tax there on. — Sandeep Patil, Flemingo Travel Retail Limited & Anr. Vs. Union of India and Others. [2019] 17 TAXLOK.COM 015 (Bombay)