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‘PP Leno Bags’ are to be classified under Tariff Sub Heading 63053300.

Shanti Prime Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Classification of goods—Polypropylene Leno Bags—In the instant case, applicant seeks ruling on classification of Polypropylene Leno Bags under GST.
The Applicant is of the opinion that the PP Leno Bags manufactured is classifiable under Tariff Head 63053300 of the GST Tariff which is aligned to the First Schedule of the Customs Tariff Act, 1975.

Held that—To be included in Chapter 63, the width of the tapes, manufactured from Plastics or articles thereof of Chapter 39, used to weave the fabric should be less than or equal to 5mm and should not be impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with plastics or articles thereof, of chapter 39 - From the explanatory notes and clarification provided for determination of classification of goods it is seen that two more factors are to be considered, namely, the width of the tape used in the weaving and whether or not there is a layer/lining in these bags. The specifications of the PP Leno Bags being manufactured by the Applicant, therefore, become an important feature for determining their classification for the purpose of GST.

To classify the product PP Leno Bags both the Explanatory Notes, as well as the clarifications in the Tariff, and the specifications as per IS 16187:2014 should be taken into consideration.
Tariff head 63053300 includes the goods that are classifiable as sacks and bags, of the kind used for packing of goods, made from polyethylene or polypropylene strips and the like that qualifies as man-made textile materials. Only those PP strips and the like are considered as textile materials width of which do not exceed 5 mm [refer to Note 1(g) to Section XI of the Tariff Act]
 The above-mentioned Tariff head is not applicable if the sacks made from PP woven fabric are impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with plastics or articles of plastics covered under Chapter 39 [Note 1(h) to Section XI].

PP Leno Bags’, if specifically made from woven Polypropylene fabric using strips or the like of width not exceeding 5 mm and without any impregnation, coating, covering, or lamination with plastics, are to be classified under Tariff Sub Heading 63053300.[AUTHORITY FOR ADVANCE RULINGS, WEST BENGAL]
[2018] 4 TAXLOK.COM 108 (AAR-WB)