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If, for any reason, the petitioner is aggrieved over the pendency of the complaint from 2018, it is always open to the petitioner to approach the Kerala Lok Ayukta for early disposal of the complaint.

Section 129 of the CGST Act —Goods in Transit – The Petitioners challenged the detention notice by which a consignment of construction equipments was detained. The objection of the respondent was with regard to the documents that had to accompany the transportation of the goods, as the documents did not reflect the transaction covered by the transportation that was apprehended. The court observed that the detention by the respondent cannot be said to be unjustified.
Held that:- The Hon’ble High Court directed the respondent to release the goods and the vehicle to the petitioner on furnishing a bank guarantee for the amount. The respondents shall, thereafter, transmit the files to the adjudicating authority for an adjudication under Section 130.—Sisir S.V. Deputy Commissioner Vs. The Kerala Lok Ayukta, Bhima Enterprises Elankathu Commercial Complex, B. Govindan, Suresh Kumar [2020] 27 TAXLOK.COM 059 (Kerala)