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28% GST is applicable on tobacco leaves thereshed and re-dried.

Rate of Tax — The applicant engages in the activities of purchase of the cured tobacco leaves brought by tobacco farmers at the Tobacco Auction Platforms; Purchase of the tobacco leaves from other dealers and sell them to the clients within India and overseas; Threshing and re-drying of the tobacco leaves in their threshing premises and selling them to the clients in India and to export to various countries etc. The Applicant sought Advance ruling on the various questions including that what is the applicable rate of tax if the applicant gets the tobacco leaves re-dried without getting them threshed? The Authority ruled out that 28% GST applicable if the applicant gets the tobacco threshed and re-dried on job work basis at others’ premises and then sells such threshed and re-dried tobacco leaves to others. — Alliance One Industries India Private Limited, In Re… [2019] 11 TAXLOK.COM 109 (AAR-AP)