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Tax Bar Association (Raj.) and the assessees for whom they represent may upload their Annual Return (GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C) without any late fee till 12.02.2020.

Annual Return — The writ petition has been filed by the Tax Bar Association raising the issue about non-functionality of the respondent’s portal, as a consequence of which, various assessees are unable to upload their returns both GSTR9 and GSTR9C. Since the respondents are yet to obtain any instruction to effectively resolve the matter, time granted to Union of India till 12.02.2020 to file a detailed reply/affidavit. Consequently, directed that the petitioner Association and the assessee, for whom they represent, may keep uploading their returns at the earliest possible and directed that no late fee shall be charged till 12th of February, 2020 for uploading. Further, the respondents are directed to enable compliance of such uploading by making necessary/consequential corrections on its official portal. — Tax Bar Association Vs. Union of India & Ors. [2020] 21 TAXLOK.COM 004 (Rajasthan)