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Applicant is liable to pay GST @ 18% on "Abhivahan Shulk" under Service Code 9997 and to be treated as "other services"

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Levy of GST — Application filed by  Regional Forest Officer seeking an advance ruling on the question whether GST is leviable on the “Marg Sudharan Shulk” and “Abhivahan Shulk” charged by Forest Division Dehradun from the non government, private and commercial vehicles engaged in mining work in lieu of use of forest road.  
Advance Ruling—The authority find that the said “marg sudharan shulk” is nothing but toll charges collected by the applicant from the users for using forest road and the said toll charges are being used for the maintenance of forest road. Therefore we conclude that no GST is leviable as on date on the said “marg sudharan shulk” charged and collected by the applicant.
The said “Abhivahan Shulk” cannot be termed as toll tax and rather is a form of consideration received by the applicant in lieu of services provided to the person for carrying forest produce. Under GST regime under Section 2(102) services means anything other than goods and all services but for list of exempted services as provided under Chapter 99 of GST Tariff, 2017 are liable for GST. Since the services provided by the applicant do not find mention in the list of exempted services, therefore the applicant is liable to pay GST @ 18% on the said “Abhivahan Shulk” under Service Code 9997 and to be treated as “other services”. — Divional Forest Officer In Re...... — [2018] 2 TAXLOK.COM 064 (AAR-Uttarakhand)