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Court directs that subject to the Petitioners depositing a sum of Rs.40 lacs in equal on or before 31st August 2019, there shall be a stay of the impugned order of the NAPA dated 14th June 2019.

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Anti-Profiteering — Petition against the order passed by the National Anti-Profiteering Authority that the profiteered amount has been determined as Rs.99,20,246/-, which includes Rs.18,563/- to be paid to Applicant No.1 and Rs.80,37,392/- to all other 231 buyers.  According to the petitioners, only half of the project has been completed. Up to 30th June 2017 221 out of the 434 flats to be developed were sold and in any event the Petitioner’s liability cannot be more than the flats actually sold. Interim relief is granted in favour subject to the depositing a sum of Rs.40 lacs in equal halves on or before 31st August 2019. — Salarpuria Real Estate Pvt. Ltd., Sattva Developers Pvt. Ltd. Vs. Union of India & Ors. [2019] 14 TAXLOK.COM 027 (Delhi)