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No separate registration is required to take by Mumbai importer in the state of west Bengal where imports received at Kolkata port

Registration under GST—In the instant case, applicant is seeking advance ruling in respect of the following—
1)Whether the procedure to raise the invoice from Mumbai Head Office for imports received at Haldia Port Kolkata where we do not have any separate GST Registration and Charge IGST from Mumbai to our Customers is correct? Or do we have to take separate Registration in the State of West Bengal for the below mentioned transactions?
2) If we do not need separate registration in west Bengal, can we do the transaction on Mumbai Head Office GSTIN, then in case of issuance of e-way bill is it correct to Mention the GSTIN of Mumbai and Dispatch place of Haldia Port?
Held that— First and foremost, since the applicant will be importing the goods into India as per Section 7(2) of the IGST Act, 2017, such supply of goods imported into India shall be treated as supply of goods in the course of Inter State Trade or commerce.
Secondly in respect of goods imported into India, as per Section 11(a) Of the IGST Act, 2017, the place of supply shall be the location of the importer and in the present case since the importer is registered in Mumbai, the place of supply shall be Mumbai, Maharashtra.
In the present case as mentioned above the place of supply is the location of the importer who is situated in the State of Maharashtra and hence the applicant will be clearing the goods by paying IGST form their GSTIN issued in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since the applicant has no establishment or place of operation or any godown or GSTIN in the State of West Bengal i.e. the port of import, therefore, after exbonding of imported goods from the Customs warehouse at Kolkata and for further sales after exbonding, Whether that would be interstate or intrastate supply would depend upon the place of supply of goods as per Section 10 and Section 11 of the IGST Act, 2017. Hence we are of the opinion that the place from where the applicant makes a taxable Supply of Goods shall be his location, in this case, the Mumbai Head Office and since the applicant does not have any godown in the state of West Bengal and we feel that the applicant can clear the goods on the basis of invoices issued by the Mumbai Head Office and therefore they need not take separate registration in the State of West Bengal. This would answer their first question mentioned above.
In view of the discussions made in respect of question no. 1, we find that, since as an importer the place of supply for the applicant in this case will be Mumbai, and the goods also will be cleared on the name of the Mumbai registered address while paying IGST at the time of Customs Clearance, it would follow that they can do the further transaction mentioning the GSTIN of their Mumbai office. Hence we are of the opinion that they can do the transaction on Mumbai Head Office GSTIN and can mention the GSTIN of Mumbai Head Office in the E-way Bill and dispatch place as Customs Warehouse, Kolkata.
Ruling— no separate registration in the State of West Bengal is required. — Sonkamal Enterprises Private Limited, In Re — [2018] 4 TAXLOK.COM 095 (AAR-Maharashtra)

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