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reimbursement of expenses and salary paid by head office toLiaison Office, established in India, is not liable to GST

Shanti Prime Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Levy of GST — 1) Whether the reimbursement of expenses and salary paid by M/s Habufa Meubelen B.V.(HO) to the liaison office established in India is liable to GST as supply of service, especially when no consideration for any services is charged/ paid.
2) Whether the applicant i.e. the Liaison Office is required to get registered under GST?
3) If it is assumed that the reimbursement of expenses and salary claimed by liaison office is a consideration towards a service, then what will be the place of supply of such service?
Held that—As submitted by the applicant, they are working as the Indian Office of M/s. Habufa Meubelen B.V. which is established as a Liaison Office with the prior permission of RBI. Except proposed liaison work, this office in India would not undertake any activity of trading, commercial or industrial nature nor would they enter into any business contracts in its own name without RBIs prior permission. There is no commission/ fees being charged or any other remuneration being received/ income being earned by the office in India for the liaison activities/ services rendered by it. The amount received from HO are the funds for payment of salary, reimbursement of expenses like rent, security, electricity, travelling, etc. No consideration is being charged by the applicant from the HO for such services. The reimbursement claimed by them from their HO is also falling out of the purview of supply of service. As there are no taxable supplies made by the Liaison office, they are not required to get registered.
Ruling—If the liaison office in India does not render any consultancy or other services directly/indirectly, with or without any consideration and the liaison office does not have significant commitment powers ,except those which are required for normal functioning of the office, on behalf of Head Office, then the reimbursement of expenses and salary paid by M/s Habufa Meubelen B.V. (HO) to the Liaison Office, established in India, is not liable to GST and the applicant i.e. M/s Habufa Meubelen B.V. Jaipur, is not required to get itself registered under GST.
B.V. Habufa Meubelen In Re…. — [2018] 2 TAXLOK.COM 178 (AAR-Raj)